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Using Amazon to Increase Brand Awareness

Amazon is the go-to site if someone wants to look for brands or buy online. Customers come to amazon to not only buy but also to discover new brands and look for new products in market. They don’t necessarily have the intent of buying. You can extend your market share and increase your brand awareness among customers. Let’s take a look at the ways in which you utilize Amazon to do much more than just drive sales.

1) Launch a new product with Amazon

DSP plays a prominent role if you want to launch a new product through Amazon. The very first step in making your brand popular is to make people aware about it. Amazon DSP allows you to programmatically purchase ads that include, but are not limited to, display ads. You don’t have to be a seller on amazon to advertise your product using DSP. Simply run your DSP campaigns and your ads will appear on Amazon as well as Amazon partner websites. This will help in increasing your brand awareness among customers.

2) Increase Brand Discoverability

Drive considerations by displaying your ads on Amazon by using Sponsored Product or sponsored Display ads. Run these campaigns to test variations of creatives and see which one performs better. The branded keywords searches will boost your brand’s discoverability on amazon.

3) Let your customers know more about your brand

Amazon allows you to give details, customer reviews and ratings on your products. Customers can window shop on Amazon and get to know your product in details. This will increase your CTR and people would be more aware of your product which will eventually increase your brand awareness.

How to use DSP to increase brand awareness?

Amazon DSP allows you to programmatically buy display and video ads on and off Amazon. Your ads will be displayed on amazon and off amazon – on Amazon partner websites. DSP is a sophisticated method of appearing in front of those people who have a niche. Your ads will be displayed according to the audience you choose while creating line items. DSP allows you to run display as well as video ads. You can also target people with a broad interest groups like Harry Potter fans or Rom Com movie fans. Use Amazon DSP when you want to appear in front of people who aren’t actively looking for your brand or product but can become your potential customers.

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