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Top Ranking Can Be Rented In Google Local

Google and Bing are highly used platforms all over the world. As there are also other platforms available but Google and Bing are those platforms that are central to a strong web game. Those businesses who are on the internet, SEO (Search engine optimization) plays an important role to them as organic ranking can be optimized by SEO. Ranking can be gained either by organic means or by paid means. So, the local business can rent the position and take advantage of getting more leads.

What is RENT?

“Rent” is the keyword here, because you’re choosing not to hand over control of the site. You can control the site, content, and links. If you did everything right, then you can charge variable and high prices from different clients. This is because it is gaining value with each rent out.

For example: let us suppose that you’ve gained the first rank of your website for “dentist in California”. Now you got the spot. Many of California dentists would pay you to skip the work and just slide onto that site.

For the long-term success in Rent and Rent, develop a continuously growing and money producing a portfolio of different sites. The search keyword can consist of Name of city+ Service.

What is Rank?

“Ranking” in SEO reference is the website position on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). There are so many factors that affect the ranking of any website. They can be content relevance to a search term, quantity and the quality of back-links, secure and accessible website, domain age, URL, page speed, mobile-friendliness, etc.

“Rank & Rent is a digital marketing strategy where you build a site, nurture it until it becomes visible on search engines, and then rent it out. Local SEO Search engine veterans are flocking to this strategy because it’s simple, scalable and best of all—lucrative.”

Rent, Rank And Lead Generation:

Rank, rent and lead generation are closely related to each other as rank and rent is just a variation on lead generation.

Lead generation: This model is based on making the website visible to the user on a particular search term and then selling leads from that page. Companies like Home Adviser and Yelp are very popular in making the website popular for local search terms. The aim is to increase sales through Google's local search traffic.

Rank and Rent model: It rent the entire website and all the keywords that help in achieving the rank for a single business.

Yelp and Home adviser use their own site for ranking and to sell leads. There is another company that is GrubHub. This company purchases the domains that match the business names to sell more leads through an unofficial website. This is just a way to increase the leads by various means.

The first ranking is given by Google to Grubhub and the second rank is of the same page which is also owned by the Grubhub.

Rent and Rent is not a new concept. It’s been at least for fifteen years. There are so many previous domineers that rent the websites to increase the leads. It is triggered by good quality score keywords and overall look of a landing page.


Though purchasing a website, adding various graphics, and paying people to write engaging content is quite expensive. So, there are so many local business owners in every field who are interested in renting out web properties. The biggest factor is cost and time-consuming methods.

· For any business which is brand new, it is very difficult to rank on google initially although if it gains good traffic. For online marketing Rent and Rank is the bridge.

Opens new doors for businesses:

Businesses that rely on online business and on leads online can take wherever they can get them. Any local business from home repair to homemaking, dentist to a lawyer, from a small business to a chain of leading heads needs leads. Renting an online website and getting leads is one of the leading methods nowadays. And it requires less obligation and liability compares to other methods. Businesses can target a new type of customer by rent a rank model.

Steps Of Renting And Ranking Of A Website:

1. Choosing a niche

2. Selecting a domain name for the website.

3. Setting up CMS.

4. Analyzing your competitors

5. Researching of all keywords

6. Writing engaging content

7. Getting added to Google search console

8. Setting up GMB (Google My Business)

9. Completing off-page SEO by creating back-links.

10. Renting out your website

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