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Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Social Media was once famous for sharing pictures of your cute dog or Japanese cuisine but it has now become a marketer’s hub. Social media has come a long way and its extensive usage by people has revolutionized the way marketers see social media platforms. No matter what your goal is – to increase brand awareness, interact with your customers or generate more leads, social media is the answer to all your goals. Let’s take a look at what a good Social Media strategy should look like.

1) Research your audience.

Our goal is to serve our audience. Before starting you need to understand your audiences’ needs and desires. To understand your audience better, survey your audience, collect feedbacks, interact with them through comments and messages or use social media insights to understand your audience better.

2) Create engaging and useful content

Your goal shouldn’t be to post as many times as you can (though one post a day is advisable) but to post quality content. Before creating content understand what caters to your audience. You don’t want to show them posts that they don’t want to see. Try using witty and catchy phrases in the beginning. Your content should be long enough to keep your audience intrigued and short enough to keep them interested.

3) Use Video Content

Video Contest is the new hot thing in the world of social media. Data shows that people flock towards brands which post more video content on their social media. You can make use of Facebook and Instagram live, Instagram reels to have one on one interactions with your audience or you can simply post video content on your social media handles.

4) Use appealing graphics

Eye catching graphics should be your top priority. You don’t need to have graphic designer level skills to create enticing creatives. All what you need is online tools like Adobe Express and a basic understanding of these tools to professional looking creatives.

5) Keep an eye on latest trends

Every month there is something new in the market. You need to keep a check on latest trends to keep yourself at top. People love consuming new contest that is fresh and informative. You have to make sure that you are constantly updating new content following the latest trends.

Social media has seen a sudden boom and will continue to rise. It was seen as a trivial and less important method of marketing but the perception has changed. There is a lot to explore and as it is a vast sea of opportunities. So, go ahead and craft your ultimate social media strategy to win your audiences’ trust and attention.

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