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Techniques in SEM

SEM is all about getting yourself seen by your customers. And for this, you have to make sure that your website and ads should grab the highest rank. There are some techniques which are genuinely helpful in getting the topmost position. Let’s take a look at some of these techniques.

SEM Techniques

1) Identify potential keywords

You should be able to make a guess what your customers might use while making a search query for your services. This can help in determining your target keywords. These keywords should then be included in your header tags, title tags, and body tags. Including these will make search engine display your ads whenever a search is made for your keywords.

2) Focus on content.

Focusing on content is a part that is ignored by most of the marketers. Making someone click on your ad or website isn’t the ultimate goal. Your end goal is to convert this customer. Good content possess a lot of capability. It helps in engaging customers so that they keep on visiting your site again and again. Also creating fresh content helps in stuffing new keywords over time. Good content includes everything, from text to visuals.

3) Enhance landing page experience.

Pages that are slow to load are no less than a nuisance. Naturally, the customer leaves the page and gets to other sites. Increasing your page’s loading time is necessary to make customers stay on your page. Also, the landing page should be relevant to what customers are looking for. It should also be easy to navigate through your site so that customers can keep a track of their actions. All these contribute to having a good landing experience for your customers.

4) Understand your ultimate goal.

Understanding the ultimate goal of your brand is necessary. It can guide you and help in determining what things you need to focus upon. If your aim is to drive traffic to your site then you should focus on Cost per click ads. If your goal is to establish your brand awareness then focus on Cost per Thousand views model. And if your aim is to get your customers converted then you should focus on Cost per Acquisition model. These models can help you in determining the right strategies to move towards your goal.

5) Bid the right amount.

Bidding the right amount can help in getting your ads a higher rank in the auction. Bidding the highest amount isn’t beneficial if other factors like quality factor, ad format aren’t up to the mark. All these factors along with bid amount can help in deciding your ad’s rank.

6) Creating proper ads with a format.

For your ads to be visible, they should be in a proper format. This includes having a title which is short and descriptive. There should be a URL that should take you to a proper landing page. Also, there should be a description box that describes your service. The ad can include some extensions like ratings, site links, callouts, and snippets too. Google only approves the ad which is created in a proper format, so to make your ads seen make sure they are in the proper format.

7) Use Google Bid manager

Using Google’s bid manager; you can manage your bidding strategy. It allows you to set your bids either manually, or through automation. Depending upon your need you can choose either option. Go for manual bidding if you want individual control over individual keywords, ads, and placements. Prefer automated bidding if you want to save time.

These strategies can sure-shot help you in getting seen by your customers. SEM provides us a wide variety of options to choose from. You can advertise yourself, optimize your website, pay for your ads and do a lot more stuff to get seen. Give these strategies a try.

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