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Shopping Ads To Be Displayed On YouTube’s Home Feed And Search Result

YouTube’s home feed and search results will now show shopping ads, as announced by Google. That means Google has planned to allow the advertiser to get benefits from the user's intent to shop after seeing something on YouTube video.

Goggle has said that the reason behind taking this decision is that nowadays, most of the people are preferring video to get information about the product that they are planning to buy.

As officially said by Google, “Video has also become a favorite research tool for holiday shoppers. Nearly two-thirds of shoppers say online video has given them ideas and inspiration for their purchase. And more than 90% of these folks say that they’ve discovered new products and brands via YouTube.”

So, from now on, the user of YouTube will see shopping ad in their feeds as well as when they will search for any video on YouTube. These ads that the user will see are going to be as per the interest of the user. Google will use some tools and algorithms to find the intent and interest of the user and will show them the shopping ads based on that.

All the advertisers who are already using the standard shopping campaigns will be able to show their ads on YouTube as well. The only thing that will prevent them from not showing their ad on YouTube is that if they have not opted-in for the Display Network on YouTube.

Other Updates to YouTube & Shopping Ads

We have seen that Google has recently made so many updates in both the YouTube Ads and Shopping Ads. A few days back, Google has announced that the advertiser can now add an extension that will be displayed alongside the YouTube video ads. It was also said that the advertiser can now customize the extension and add various call-to-action, which will give the users more reason to buy the product.

Another update that Google has made is that it has expanded shopping ads to 50 new markets and has also rolled out some new features to Merchant Center.

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