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SEM Trends for 2018

Search Engine Marketing trends for 2018

As the year 2018 progresses, we see a lot happening in the field of Search Engine Marketing. SEM is experiencing dramatic changes and that too for better. It is high time that you start looking at things from a different perspective and paying attention to fresh technologies like artificial intelligence and voice search to extract the maximum out of this field.

Come, let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in SEM for 2018.

1) Leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We all are familiar with the fact that machine is indeed a terrific learner. It knows how to simulate human decision making process and with just the right strategies, machine can easily learn from past experiences and examples and thus make optimal decision for your business.

Google also provides features like Google smart bidding, Smart Display Campaigns and in market campaigns which are epitome of machine learning. Get the most out of this amazing ability of machines to make your business grow.

2) Focusing on Audience targeting and Remarketing

The focus is now more on consumer’s behavior, their preferences and choices. So what is the buzz around this new trend? This persona based marketing technique focuses on demographics of consumer and helps in showing your ads to the consumers who are genuinely looking for services you provide. Also it focuses on remarketing which is basically targeting the customers who made it to the cart but eventually dropped the idea of buying something.

3) Implementing AMP version for PPC landing page.

No one likes waiting, be it standing in a long queue or waiting for your food to arrive at a food joint. And our customer is no different. According to data from Google, 40 percent of users will actually leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. But Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project has helped keep this annoyance at bay by helping you to create customized, fast-loading web pages specifically for mobile devices. These pages load instantly and provide superior landing page experience.

4) Emphasis on voice search systems.

Voice recognition technology has been a game changer. It is common now to talk to your devices and ask them anything, from today’s temperature to nearest plumbing services, without the hassle of typing your query. So adapting your PPC campaigns to voice search might prove beneficial for you to stay at leading edge.

5) Continuous growth of mobile users.

Mobile is a really compact device and most people own it in today’s time. It has become no less than a necessity to own a mobile. So if there are billions of mobile users then why not shift your focus to campaigns targeting mobile devices. With mobile targeting, you can not only make your potential customer download your app but you can also include a call to action like making a call. It is a must to enhance mobile landing experience for your customers for you to expand your market.

So these were some of the advancements in the field of SEM in 2018 but this is just the beginning. There is a long way to go because the possibilities are endless. These technologies are absolutely mind-blowing and one should incorporate them in their Pay Per Click campaigns if they want to be the front runners.

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