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Seasonality Adjustment For Smart Bidding: A New Feature

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

A smart bidding strategy will help you to set bids automatically at the time of auction with the use of machine learning. With the help of these Google ads, campaign performance will be improved. During Seasonality, sometimes businesses can anticipate the changes in conversion rates. For example: at the time of sales or new product launch, the sales will be increased.

To provide control for these rare situations, google introduces a new feature through which you can apply for seasonality adjustments for Search and Display Campaigns. Historically, let’s say you’ve run a sale and seen there was 50% hike in sales. So, you can predict almost the same hike when you’ll similar type of sales. With seasonality Adjustment, you can apply a predicted conversion rate adjustment for a selected date range and then smart bidding strategy will work for you. Smart bidding will consider these adjustments and try to hit your target CPA.

This strategy will work for a short period or for small events like up to 1-7 days and if you’re thinking to apply this for 14 days or more then it won’t work as well.

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