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Search And Shopping Campaigns Starts Using Improved Standard Delivery

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Ad delivery method:

Search and shopping campaigns use ad delivery methods to set and distribute ad budgets throughout the day. The aim is to optimize and evenly spend the budget in the campaign. As accelerated and the standard was the most used methods in AdWords.

Standard Ad Delivery is better as it maximizes the performance within your daily budget. From September 17,2019, for Search campaign, Shopping campaign and shared budget, Standard ad delivery will be the only option. But for Display and video campaigns, Accelerated Ad Delivery will be continued to work.

Alternatively, accelerated ad delivery will no longer be in use as it attempts to spend your budget faster with Search and Shopping campaigns or shared budget. This method increased CPC and spend most of the budget on an early day due to high competition. Update those campaigns that use accelerated ad delivery methods will be automatically migrated to standard delivery on October 1, 2019,. This update helps especially to those campaigns that have a limited budget and it also helps them to run their ads throughout the day.

Some important terms that need to be considered:

1. Ad Scheduling:

Ad scheduling technique allows you to display your ads during a day. You can also increase or decrease the bids at any point of time in a day to get better results. With this, you can set a particular day or a particular time at which the customer can see your ads (generally ads are displayed during business hours to get maximum results). “Show ads all day and hours” allows you to display your ads all day long throughout each calendar day.

When The Goal Is To Maximize The Performance Use These Following Techniques:

2. Maximum Conversion Value Bidding:

It will maximize the total conversions value with the use of machine learning by automatic bidding strategy within your specified budget. That means it will take historical information about your campaign and evaluate this and find an optimal CPC bid for your ad at each auction time. After that Google set these bids to get maximum conversions that are valuable for your campaigns while spending your budget. You have to define the value that you want to maximize, for example, sales revenue or profit margin, when you set conversion tracking for your account.

3. Maximize Clicks Bidding:

This is also an automated bid strategy to get the maximum clicks as possible within your specified budget. If you don’t specify the target spend amount, then google ads will take the remaining daily budget of any of your campaign using this bid strategy. Custom ad scheduling will also work in this to get the maximum clicks in a specified time or day of a week. There is another feature that you can use maximum click for a single campaign or you can set it as a portfolio strategy.

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