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Search Ad 360 – The Smarter Search Campaign Manager

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

In this world of digital media, we are dependent on the various digital ad campaigns for the branding of our product. However, the increasing number of the campaign for the different platforms has made its management a nightmare for the Ad campaign manager. They have to monitor and make all the changes manually which is not only a daunting task, it is also a time consuming one. To cope up with this issue, Google has introduced Search Ad 360 with Auction time bidding.

What is Search Ad 360?

Earlier known as DoubleClick Search, Search Ad 360 is Google’s latest search management system that allows the business to handle their multiple Ad campaigns for various search engines at the same place. So, no matter how many ad campaigns you have or how many search engines you are handling, with Search Ad 360, you will have the option to manage all these ad campaigns at the same time from the same integrated place which is highly customizable.

Some important features of Search Ad 360:

The SA 360 has a lot of features that make it incredibly beneficial and time saver. Many things have been now automated and maximum benefit from the campaigns can be extracted using these features. Here is everything that you need to know about the feature of Search Ad 360.

1. Unified reporting:

The Search Ad 360 portal offers an amazing unified data of all the search engine and campaign at the same place. Another thing that makes it useful is that it is highly customizable so you can customize your campaign and manage your budget all at the same place and increase your ROI with minimal efforts.

2. Centralized operations:

Most of the brand is focused on Google and one of the reasons for this is that Google is used by 74% of all the users. As a result, the brand generally neglects other search engines like Bing. With Search Ad 360, the brand can implement an Ad campaign and use it for all connected search engines without giving any extra time to prepare a campaign for other search engines. So, brands can get the benefit of features such as smart bidding even if it is not available in other search engines.

3. Automated bidding:

One of the best features of Search Ad 360 is that it analyses the real-time performance of the campaign using machine learning. They automatically bid on the keyword as per the performance of the ad to ensure that the brand gets the maximum ROI on their paid advertisement campaign. So you don’t need to manually adjust the bid on the keyword as it will be adjusted automatically.

4. Bid strategy forecasts:

The big strategy forecasts the performance of the big strategy using the historical data of the campaign. The Search Ad 360 has the ability to look at the Conversion, Revenue and Cost per acquisition (CPA), effective revenue share (ERS) or return on advertising spend (ROAS) targets. Once you have decided on the target, you can see how small changes in the campaign can affect the cost and revenue.

5. Budget management:

The user can now plan and manage the budget of the Ad campaign using the budget management feature of the Search Ad 360. The budget management feature can be used to create a budget plan that includes the goals you want to achieve, the timeframe you want to achieve them in and the total amount that you want to spend on the campaign. SA 360 uses historical data to estimate spend and performance. You can review the campaigns against the forecasts and adjust bids as needed to stay within the budget.

6. Conversion tracking:

Floodlight tags are used by Search Ad 360 to track the conversions, which is the same used by all Google Marketing Platform tools. This gives the Search Ad 360 the ability to track conversion from both the display advertising and search advertising. It also prevents the duplication and confusion of cross-channel conversion and gives a more accurate and detailed conversion report.

7. Inventory management

The inventory management feature of the SA 360 allows the brands to use feeds to automatically create a search campaign, ad, and keywords. Once the set-up is applied to all the inventory data, campaigns are automatically updated when any new product is added or removed.

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