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Reach more customers in the holidays of 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just weeks away and people are ready with their phones, laptops, and cards to make the purchase.

But the big question is what are you ready?

We have made some recommendations for you so that you can get the most of the holiday in 2019 with these tips. Just make sure that you go through this and use all of these tips to scale up your visibility on Google and increase sales.

1. Help shoppers discover more of your products through Merchant Center

According to Mastercard Advisors, retail had its largest season ever ($853 billion) last the year with e-commerce sales reaching their strongest growth in over a decade, at an 18.4 percent increase from the year before, which shows the number of sales and competition, both are increasing at a rapid pace and people from all across the world is looking toward it.

To increase your sales and achieve your goal, Google has some advanced changes that let you reach more customers with minimal efforts.

Some of the features that you can utilize for your benefits are:

  1. Reach more customers as Google has recently added 50 new markets to Shopping ads, making it total to 95.

  2. Use the multi-country feed

  3. The automated feed feature offered by Google

  4. The updated Merchant Center’s features to speed up your task

2. Reach more holiday shoppers around the world

According to a recent Pitney Bowes report, 70 percent of global consumers made at least one cross-border purchase and that means you have a bigger customer market that you think. Promote your product to more places around the globe and you might get better sales. And as Google has now expanded the Shopping Ads to 50 more markets, the possibilities are endless.

Use the multi-country feed to show your product to the customers of more than one country. With these features, you can target multi-countries that shares the same language. So, if you have a product with a description in French, you can show the same product to other French-speaking countries too. You’ll just need to set up shipping and location targeting for these countries in your Shopping campaign and you will able to promote your products in these countries.

You can also use the automated feed to submit your product to Google quickly and accurately. The feature is available to use from November and all you have to do is simply enable Merchant Center to crawl your website for structured data and extract your most up-to-date product information for your initial feed.

3. More Visual review means more sale

According to a recent Google/Ipsos study, Google is the first place consumers go to research a purchase they plan to make but the point here is that before reading anything about the product, the customers see the image of the product. According to Google’s Consumer Survey this year, 50 percent of digital shoppers saying images helped them decide what they were willing to purchase.

Considering this fact, Google is introducing the user-generated images in product reviews on Shopping ads, which means, you can now include review images in your product review feeds. To get started, see the updated schema documentation, and ensure all images you submit are compliant with Google’s policies for user-generated images. Right now, this experience is available on mobile in the US, with plans to expand across more Google properties and countries over the coming months.

4. Manage your inventory across Google more easily

Now that the new Merchant Center has been redesigned with clearer workflows, simpler navigation, and more program insights, it has become so much easy and accurate to manage your products in the Merchant Center. A lot of things have been made automatic which makes the work easy and seamless at the same time. With the new features, you will some additional stats, and it will help you to discover additional opportunities to promote and sell your products.

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