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Link Optimise And Google Ads

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Google optimize: When content is published on a website it is for every current and potential user. So, it is mandatory to address individual tastes and preferences. As every user is different and optimization allows you to test the different performances. This is the most beneficial way to determine the optimal experience for each group of users.

Optimize refers to the tailoring of web pages and to find out which alterations performs better against the objective. Changes can be made on landing pages, also we can discover different layouts and then compare the results. This will give direction that which variant improves the performance. This allows you to create and deploy experiments based on Google Ads accounts, campaigns, ad groups, and keywords to find changes to your landing pages that improve business outcomes.

The goal can be set accordingly to the business. It can be either to increase the visitors which can be experimented by tailoring in CTA, navigation bar, hero image, etc.

Benefits of testing:

Experimentations during optimization help to measure the difference with the real world. New website design, new layout, optimized images, and content creates a variety of difference in the website which may attract the user. This impact directly shown on the number of visitors visit the website which will be analyzed with google analytics. As per the experimentation, different sets of experiments can be made to deploy the result according to the objective. Also, the audience can be a set of a specific group of users whom you can serve experiments.

Anyone can make experiments with their websites and try different layouts and designs and figure out the difference in their conversions.

Experiment types:

1. A/B Tests:

Or called A/B/n test. This is a random experiment in which 2 variants are taken. For example, A and B, where A is the original one and B are customized one which is completely different.

2. Redirect Test:

Also called split URL Test. This is a type of A/B test in which two completely different web pages are tested against each other, or to make a completely different web page. In these variants are identified by URL’s not by their elements.

3. Multivariate Test:

This is a test of two or more elements which are different from the original are taken simultaneously to see which combination is the best in terms of outcome. Instead of showing which page variant is most effective (as in an A/B test), MVT identifies the most effective variant of each element as well as analyzing the interactions between those elements.

Integrating Google Ads with Optimize:

Integrating google ads with optimization allows you to experiment with different sets of variants with their prospective results. On the basis of ads and keywords, web pages can be personalized to match the user intent. The Respective campaign triggered up and shows the ads on the basis of keywords.Optimization helps in many ways:

  • Guidance: It is integrated with google analytics. So, we can quickly check how the website is working and how it can be improved.

  • Experimentation: Enables to test different layouts, designs, and contents and learns which works best for the users. Different tests can be made like A/B test, multivariate test, redirect test.

  • Tailor a compelling experience: One size doesn’t fit for all. So, optimization allows you to alter your website according to the target audience.

  • Prompt results: Drive better results as changes can be seen within a minute on your screen.

  • More customers: Create a custom landing page for your google account and create more visitors into customers.

  • Discover the best optimization: Variety of experiments delivers you a better experience and also provide easy to use the visual editor.

“One experiment alone drove a 2X increase in monthly plan sales.”


  • Advanced client-side signals: you can use any of data on a web page with cookies and JavaScript variables. Tag management can be used for full control over your test.

  • Analytics audience (optimize 360 only): using analytics you can easily connect with high value or potential customers with a particular interest.

  • Personalization (BETA): launch a customized experience for your customer.

  • URL rules: reach your users on the basis of URL aspects or its rules. Query parameters maximize your marketing impact for the right experience to each channel.

  • User attributes: customization can be made according to geographic location, behavior, or based on browser, OS, device to provide a better experience.


Google account with administrative access is mandatory to link google ads and optimize. Google ads account enables you to select which feature the user has the maximum impact.

If the administrator has the access of manager account can receive notification emails and manage any part of the account and its campaigns. They can also add or terminate someone’s access level. An administrator can also manage which user performs tasks like making a payment, changing payment method or receives invoices, etc.Automatic targeting is only available in the new Google Ads experience.


1. Link google ads to analytics

2. Enable optimize sharing: After the linking of google ads and analytics, the next step is to select an option below based on google ads account type.

Option 1: Google ads individual account

Option 2: Google ads manager account

3. Link optimize to Analytics: the most important part is to verify that the container is linked with the same analytics property that you’ve linked from google ads in step 1. This is done by setting an optimizer container.

Disabling optimize sharing:

For this, you must have administrative access to google ads account.

  • Sign in google ads accounts as an administrator.

  • Click on tool icon which is on the upper right corner of your ad account.

  • Click on “setup” and click on the linked account.

  • Under “google analytics” click on “details”.

  • Turn of “enable google to optimize sharing”.

When you turn off optimize sharing, optimize experiments targeting ads or keywords get affected and it will stop including new users. Affected experiment’s targeting configuration in optimizing will no longer display the names or status of targeted google ads entities.

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