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Google’s solutions to grow your app business with ads

Mobile apps have extended to billions of people around the world, paving the way for app developers to unlock new business opportunities. App developers across the world are pushing the limits of innovation to satisfy customer’s high expectations. In today’s competitive market, it’s very important to find better ways to build and grow business.

How to reach more users when they are looking for something new?

Connecting with the right people at the right time is the key to build a strong user base. Smart user acquisition starts with reaching those who are most engaged along with your app and assist you to generate the foremost revenue. Google Ads Campaigns make it easy to find app-happy.

Google Ads Campaigns: A Google Ads App Campaign is an automated campaign type that enables you to drive both installations and in-app conversion actions. It connects you to users across Google Search, Google Display, YouTube and Google Play.

New ways that expand your global reach through App Campaigns: -

1. Discover: Discover formerly known as the Google feed, which shows users a mix of content based on their interactions with Google products or content that they choose to follow directly. It helps over 800 million monthly active users uncover fresh and interesting content related to the things they care about like global news and topics of interest like sports, music and mobile games.

Pages are eligible to appear in Discover cards if they're indexed by Google and meet Google News Content Policies. No special tags or structured data are required. Google ranks Discover content algorithmically based on content quality and the strength of the match between the page content and user interests.

The two best ways in which to boost the ranking and performance of your Discover content are:

  1. To post content that users would find interesting and

  2. To use images with high quality in your content.

Publishers experience a 5% increase in click-through rate, a 3% increase in time spent on their pages and a 3% increase in user satisfaction when Discover cards feature large images instead of thumbnail images.

2. App Ads on YouTube Search: App promotion ads are now eligible to show in the top slot of YouTube's mobile search results. YouTube's global audience helps to deliver relevant and useful ads to more prospective app users.

3. In-stream video ads in display network: Display in-stream video ads are skippable video ads that play before, during or after a video, a user is watching.

Ways to grow revenue and deliver a better user experience:

Various ways to grow revenue and deliver a better user experience are as follows:

New App Open Ads: By integrating ads during natural breakpoints in your app, you can build a new revenue stream and deliver a better user experience.

Smart Segmentation: Grouping your customers into different segments gives you greater flexibility and allows you to target your most profitable customers effectively. Smart Segmentation only shows ads to users unlikely to make purchases in your app. This protects the user experience of your purchases while growing your ad revenue.

AdMob Insights: AdMob is a Google product which helps in placing ads in a mobile network that allows you to monetize your android apps. With the integration of AdMob in your app, you can start earning right away. If you have published a free app then undoubtedly AdMob is the most suitable choice to earn cash from your apps. AdMob will assist you to grow your overall app revenue and protect user experience more easily:

Image search: It is a robust new search tool that helps identify and remove bad ads across every size, campaign and rotation using just a screenshot of the ad.

Maximize ad content rating: It can prevent inappropriate ads from being shown to young users. Showing users ads that are a better fit can improve their overall and experience and help maximize your app's revenue. Setting a maximum ad content rating can help by giving you more control of the ads shown to your users.

User metrics: User metrics like daily active users and average session time help you optimize the lifetime value of your users across all your sources – ads, in-app purchases, and commerce.

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