Google's NEW Gallery Ads

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Google has announced the New Gallery Ads, and it seems that this is what we all were waiting for. It is a creative combination of search intent with the images that we surely going to increase sales and lead generation. The Gallery Ads are at this time in beta version and it is likely to roll out for most of the advertiser at the end of this year.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the following things:

  1. What are Gallery Ads?

  2. The main benefits of this Ads

  3. Who is going to be benefited from this?

But before proceeding further, let’s check out these fun facts, according to the research published in the website named Wordstream.

  1. The human brain processes imagery 60,000 times faster than text.

  2. People form first impressions within 50 milliseconds and process images in 13 milliseconds.

  3. Consumers are more likely to retain content that incorporates visual imagery.

  4. 55% of millennials say visuals are the most important part of shopping on mobile.

  5. People remember 80% of what they see vs. 20% of what they read.

What are Gallery Ads?

Gallery Ads are basically the interactive ads that are going to be at the top of the mobile SERPs. Currently, in the mobile SERPs, there is text headline and the URL is placed under that. In the Gallery Ads, there is going to be a display image underneath the URL, swipeable image carousals, something you might have already seen in the Facebook and Instagram feeds.

One feature of this ad that is going to make it more interesting is that in addition to the ad’s headline, each individual an image can be accompanied by a tagline. The headline remains at the top of the screen as the user swipes through the carousel, and the headline will drive the user to the landing page of your product.

As per the update by Google, the advertiser is allowed to include a minimum of four images and a maximum of eight images. Moreover, each tagline can be of a maximum of 70 characters. And the best about this is that the advertisers are allowed to write up to three unique headlines, they can try every possible combination and work on the one that offers the maximum results.

The main benefits of Gallery Ads

As we have seen that people nowadays turn to Google to get the solution for most of the thing that they are looking for, whether it is choosing the best sports shoes, finding the best restaurant, cafes, pubs, or bar near you, or anything other, the possibility is endless.

When people are looking for a solution, the thing to consider here is that people have a lot of options and the first impression that will get is likely to be the lasting one. So, as an advertiser, you have to focus on the communication with the user, if they are impressed by what you are offering in the first place, there are more chances that they are going to take what you are offering.

The Gallery Ads are going to do the same thing for you, the interaction between the advertiser and user will increase as they will be seeing directly what they are looking for, rather than reading the text beneath the URLs.

Now imagine the image has been replaced with a description which is the thing that is happening currently. Obviously, this is the current scenario and it is giving some good results, this is certainly not as good as the new one. Because of the image of Cajun-style alfredo with chicken and sausage does a really good job of letting people know the products taste great and satisfy your hunger, which ultimately makes the user go for the product.

Who is going to be benefited from this?

The first thing that will come to the mind is that the Gallery Ads is only going to benefit the brand that offers products or services directly to the customers, which is B2C, while this is exactly not the case as both the B2B and B2C advertisers are going to be benefitted by this.

If we talk about the B2C marketers, if you sell something that lends itself naturally to visual images, you should give gallery ads a shot. So, whether it is gyms, restaurants, hotels, car dealers, travel agencies, spas, or any other thing, the ability to show the product to the customers in the very first place is surely going to give you the upper hand. While there is an image carousel where you can provide four to eight images, that also with taglines, it gives you the opportunity to show the best to your customers.

Now, let’s see what the B2B marketer is going to get from this as it might seem in the first place that there won’t be any benefit of showing images of the software that you are offering. The same goes as even if you provide the screenshot of the amazing UI of your software, no one is going to much excited about it. But, if you show the result of the uses of your software in the form of images, it is surely going to impact the people. And in this way, the B2B advertisers can get the benefit from the Gallery Ads.

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