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Google’s New Customizable Search Snippets Will be Out In A Week

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Google’s new markup can now be used by the site owners to customize their search snippets. Google has already announced that the new preview markup will be live for the site owner all around the world.

Google made the following announcement today on Twitter:

The new markup, which was introduced last month to the users, will allow the site owner to control and customize how their content is previewed in google search results so they can make the changes as per their marketing strategies.

The new markup can be used to customize a different aspect of attributes of the search snippet and all the control will be given to the site owner. The maximum length of a snippet, the size of thumbnail images and the length of video previews are some of the attributes that can be customized by the site owners.

Another thing that the site owner can customize is how much text they want to show on the snippet as google has now given control to the site owner to restrict some or an entire section of text from appearing in a snippet on the search result page. It will be beneficial for those people who don’t want to give too much information in the SERPs.

Via its @SearchLiaison account on Twitter, Google has also provided some details regarding the changes for the SEOs.

As per the announcement by Google, all those SEOs and site owners who have already implemented the markup can see the changes. It will take a bit more than a week for the changes to be reflected on the search result page.

And you are the one who hasn’t implemented the markup yet, you can do it anytime. The changes will be shown on the result page the very next time google crawl your website to show your website in the SERPs.

The point to notice here is that the new update will not affect the ranking of the pages and websites, whether they use the new markup or not. It has only been designed to customize and control how the site is displayed on the SERPs.

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