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Google Marketing Platform: Integration of its Products and Benefits

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

GMP brings SA360 and the Google Analytics 360 suite together to help you plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and customer experiences at one place. While ensuring customer’s privacy and giving them control over their data, it also helps to deliver more relevant and effective marketing solutions. Its new integration center helps to discover and easily setup valuable connections between products.

GMP Products:

1. SA360: It helps to plan, buy and measure the search campaigns on Google and other search engines.

2. Display & Video360: It allows to execute ad campaigns end to end in one place, creating efficiency in work and help teams to do more together.

3. Campaign Manager: It is a web based ad management system for advertisers and agencies. It helps to manage your digital campaigns across websites and mobile.

Integration of GMP Products:

Integration of Google Analytics 360 and GMP advertising products is less time consuming and easy if you have the proper permissions.

Linking SA360 to Analytics 360:

Linking option 1:

When you have required permissions for Analytics 360 and Search Ads 360.

a) Sign in to your Analytics 360 account.

b) Click Admin and navigate to the account and property you want to link.

c) In the Property column, click Google Marketing Platform > Search Ads 360 Linking.

d) Click +New Search Ads 360 Link. You will see a list of advertisers that have not yet been linked and for which you have Advertiser manager.

e) Select each advertiser you want to link to the current Analytics 360 property, then click Continue.

f) Under link title, enter the name you want to use for the link.

g) Click Create link.

Linking Option 2:

When you have permission for only Analytics 360.

a) Sign in to your Analytics 360 account.

b) Click Admin, and navigate to the account and property you want to click.

c) In the Property column, click Google Marketing Platform > Search Ads 360 Linking.

d) Click +New Search Ads 360 Link.

e) Under Search Ads 360 Advertisers, select Other Advertisers.

f) Enter the Search Ads 360 Advertiser ID and the email address of the Search Ads 360 admin and click Continue.

g) In the Link Configuration Section, review and adjust the settings that control which data is included in the link: Reporting data and Cost data.

h) Click send Link Request.

i) After reading the instructions in the pop-up, click Done.

Linking Analytics 360 & Campaign Manager:Steps of linking are same as that of SA360.

Linking Analytics 360 & Display & Video 360: Steps of linking are same as that of SA360.

Auto Tagging: When you link a GMP product with Google Analytics, Auto Tagging is immediately applied. It ensures that your advertising data comes into Google Analytics in a consistent, usable format.

Ads Contribution to Conversions: Paid media can be undervalued using last click attribution. Data Driven Attribution uses actual data from your Analytics account to get a custom model for assigning conversion credit to market touch points throughout the complete customer journey. On comparing conversions using last click and data driven model, it is found that display campaigns are undervalued under standard model.

Ad Exposure Contributes to On Site engagement: Traditional model prioritizes ad clicks and ignores the role of ad exposure on site engagement and conversion probability. If you are using Campaign Manager to serve or track ads, the GA360 integrations with Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager can provide valuable insight into the ad exposure effect. Ads not served or tracked through Campaign Manager cannot take advantage of this.

The suite of Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360 reports use the CM Model. If a user views an ad served/tracked by Campaign Manager and later visits the site via another source, that activity is reflected as a “View Through”. If a user clicks through an ad that is a “Click Through”. If a user later visits the site via another source, the conversion will be attributed to the View-Through of Click-Through it originated from. Most other reports in Google Analytics use the GA model which does not included View-Through and uses the Last Non-Direct Attribution Model.

To Analyse the impact that ad exposure has on site behaviour, use the GMP Reports or Create Google Analytics segment. This segment includes users who saw a Campaign Manager ad but did not click on it.

Use this report to Analyse:

· How do View Through conversions contribute to Pages per Session, Average Session Duration and Bounce Rate?

· Did a particular placement drive a significant amount of revenue from View Through Conversions?

Use the segment to analyse:

· Did View-Through traffic from a particular campaign have a positive impact on conversion drop-off when compared to all site traffic?

· Did View-Through traffic from a specified creative lead to more micro conversions than all site traffic did?

Benefits of Linking GMP Products:

1. Allows better analysis.

2. Enables insightful data driven optimization.

3. Helps in identifying the characteristics of high value customers, create Audiences and share them with GMP ad platforms.

4. Creating similar Audiences allows to target new users with shared characteristics to high value users.

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