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Google Coins A New Name For Their App Campaigns

Today we are living in 21st century and most of us reach out to our mobile phone to get things done. And most of the time it’s a mobile app that deliver the results.

Universal App campaigns help connect your app with more of these app-happy consumers. Recently, Google is simplifying the name of “Universal App campaigns” to “App campaigns.” This move will not affect campaign features or functionality, and there’s no action required for existing app promotion customers.

App campaigns will join Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Smart as the top-level campaign names available in Google Ads.

Why Google app campaigns are important:

App campaigns are important because they use the Google’s machine learning technology to help you find the users that matter you the most. This result is based on your defined business goals across Google Search, Play, YouTube, and over three million sites and apps—all from one campaign.

To date, App campaigns have delivered unprecedented results for the developer community—helping drive more than 17 billion app installs, according to Google Internal data from 2019. We hope this more direct name will help advertisers and developers get started with Google Ads and select the right campaign type for their business goals.

You’ll start to see these changes roll out over the next month. We’ll talk more about this change—and other new App ad innovations—at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in mid-March.