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Google Brings Richer Interactivity In Data Studio

As the 2019 starts, the Google Data Studio team launches a number of new features to allow faster insights and richer reporting. Let’s have a look on these launches:

Interactive charts:

Google is extending Data Studio’s filtering capabilities directly into their charts. Editors can now turn any chart into a filter that filters other charts. When viewing a dashboard, you can now click or brush on any data in order to initiate filters. This enables a much faster exploration and shortens the time to insight.

Search filters:

Data Studio now enables the ability to search for any value in your data, whether you have hundreds or billions of unique records. You can put a filter for any name you want to search or for a particular gender. Basically, you can search for any specific term in a record.

Embedded external content:

Google is making it easy for you to bring any content from the web to your report. Now, you can embed an entire web page in a Data Studio report. You can add YouTube videos explaining your content, Google Sheets containing the source data for your report, Forms to get feedback on the usefulness of your report, or any embedded content from the web.

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