Google Ads Introduces 2 New Ways to Target Users in Google Search

Google Ads is planning to come out with two new ways to reach the target audience in Google Search.

The name of the ways that Google Ads is going to roll out is affinity audiences and seasonal event segments for in-market audiences. These two new ways are going to be launched in the coming weeks and here are all the details of the two new ways that you need to know.

Affinity Audiences

Using the ‘affinity audience,’ the marketer will be able to advertise their product and raise awareness among those people who have already shown interest in the product or any other product similar to them.

Google has also claimed that Volkswagen recently used affinity audiences to achieve a 250% increase in conversion rate when compared to its non-audience traffic.

As explained by Google:

For instance, let’s say you sell camping gear. To reach avid campers, you can pair an affinity audience like “Outdoor Enthusiast” with generic camping keywords. By adding this additional audience layer, you can reach people who are not only searching for camping products but are also passionate about the great outdoors.”

Seasonal Event Segments for In-Market Audiences

This segment will be beneficial for the marketer to show their product to the audience who are looking to buy something new in any specific season like Christmas or Black Friday.

This is how google explained this:

“For example, Toyota used the Black Friday and Christmas segments to focus on shoppers actively looking for their next car. By using these segments the brand saw a 67% increase in conversion rate and a 34% reduction in cost per conversion.”

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