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Google Ads has Introduced Improved Keyword Recommendations

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

The optimization scores are getting updated by Google Ads and it will be done by improving the relevancy and quality of keyword recommendations of Google Search.

As per the latest update, the Google Ad will only suggest the recommended keywords in case they have their ability to drive additional traffic is beyond the normal keyword. Google will estimate the ability to drive keyword and then it will give the suggested keywords.

Other benefits that the user will now get is that they can now include Google Ad keyword recommendations in the broad match modifiers.

Google has said that its recommendations will have a lot of benefits and it will also help the user in increasing the optimization score of their accounts.

“Recommendations and optimization score help you prioritize your most impactful opportunities to improve account performance. In fact, advertisers who increased their account-level optimization score by 10 points saw a 10% increase in conversions on average.”

New Way to View Google Ads Recommendations

Previously google use to show the data in the card view, but now Google has come up with a table view to show the recommendations. All the recommended keywords and their impact on the optimization can be now seen in the new table view. However, the user also has the option to switch between the old card view and the new table view.

Here are the things that can be seen in the new table format:

View and sort recommendations by largest optimization opportunity. See how much your optimization score will change if you adopt a recommendation. See a breakdown of scoring and recommendations by the campaign. Download the table view into Excel.

New Way to Apply the Recommendations

There is another benefit for the user of Google Ads, they can now apply the recommendations of the keyword in bulk. The best part is that the recommendations can be applied to multiple campaigns and accounts.

The user also has the option to apply or dismiss these recommendations via the account that is of manager level. These new features are now available in the Google Ads ‘Recommendations’ page.

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