Facebook Shops : Pioneer in Online Selling for Small Businesses

Facebook recently introduced their newest tool for social commerce – Facebook Shops. As told by Mark Zuckerberg “Facebook Shops gives [small businesses] the same tools to build and operate your online store that global brands have had for reaching their customers.” Fair enough, after all small businesses too deserve a chance to set up their online stores.

Setting up your Facebook shop is a hassle-free process. People’s interaction with social media has increased significantly over the years, and is now one of the best places to find your potential customers. During Covid-19 a lot of stores were shut down and business started considering moving to online stores. But setting up an online store requires money, a strategy and digital marketing skillset which all businesses don’t have.

Thankfully Facebook Shops act like an abstraction layer for all of this. There is no reason to not give this new tool a chance. So, let’s take a look at this cool new tool by Facebook.

What are Facebook Shops?

Facebook shops are online stores on your social media sites like Facebook and Instagram that allow you to share, purchase and discover products without leaving these platforms. Not only this, but you also get a chance to design your online store and set up shops on WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger too.

Amazing features of Facebook shops

1) You can build a Facebook shop even if you have never sold online before. If you are new to the world of online selling Facebook shops should definitely be your go to tool. You have the option of displaying products, conversing with customers and collect payment all from a single app. If you do have a Shopify store, you can sync it with your Facebook shop so that inventory and pricing change will be updated automatically.

2) You have the facility of adding products to your wish list on one app and then making the purchase through other app.

3) You can even add links to products while going live on Facebook and Instagram.

Getting started with Facebook Shops

Step 1

You need to have a Facebook business page or Instagram Business account with Business Manager admin privileges.

Step 2

Go to Facebook Commerce manager and click on get started. Now you can start setting up your shop by choosing different settings for your shop.

Step 3

In the third step you have to give information of your business like the category it belongs to, location, contact number for business and your business description.

Step 4

Now you have to add products to your Facebook inventory. You have the option of uploading products one by one or uploading a bulk sheet. You will also need to add product images and product description too.

Step 5

Add your account details where you want your revenue to be transferred to. You also need to give company’s tax information and agree to Facebook shop policies.

Step 6

This part is fun. You get to create and modify your own stores. Choose from a plethora of layouts, texts and buttons to customize the look of your store according to your brand.

Step 7

Your Facebook store is ready for its launch. Share about it on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to promote your cool new online store.

Clearly setting up a Facebook shop is a cakewalk. Set up your own online store with Facebook Shops and expand your horizon.

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