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Amazon Advertising In Holiday Season

The holiday season is in full swing and this is an amazing opportunity for marketers to maximise their sale on Amazon. Contrary to the current Covid-19 situation, people are spending more time on e-stores thus making amazon sales go up by 37% in Q3 2020. But before jumping in you need to have the perfect plan with proper implementation to achieve your set aim.

Sponsored ads can help you in achieving your set goals in this peak shopping period. This guide to Amazon advertising during holiday season comes very helpful. Let’s take a look at it.

Effect of Covid-19 on Consumer’s Psychology

If you are quite sceptical about consumers’ spending habits this season then we are glad to tell you that the data points towards a solid opening this holiday season. All what you need to consider is how and where are the customers are spending.

People want to avoid physical shopping locations and are going to spend more on online stores this holiday season. Amazon’s Q3 data shows that sales have increased by 37% during lockdown. This is the golden chance for all the retailers as further growth is expected throughout this season.

Important Events During Holiday Season

With Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Christmas and Thanksgiving around the corner you should have a set goal along with the perfect strategy. Here is what you can do on these major events.

1) Black Friday/Cyber Monday

BFCM is the digital carnival when Amazon offers lightning deals to consumers. There is a heightened activity on Amazon with people having a very high shopping interest. Businesses observed record breaking sales. This should be your unmissable opportunity to maximise your sales this year.

2) Christmas

Christmas is again of the day when a heightened shopping activity is observed. People like to splurge during Christmas and this is the best opportunity to reach your potential and loyal customers.

3) Some other holidays you might want to consider are Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. These days have also experienced people splurging.

Let’s Prepare: Key Tips

You should be well prepared to show your products in front of customers who have an intention of buying. Sponsored ads can help you achieve that. According to Amazon some of the key points that you should pay attention to.

1) Daily Budget high than usual

During holiday season a lot of customers buy and shop products, which could result in exhaustion of your daily budget in the middle of the day. To avoid missing on any customer or sale you should keep your budget high enough to run your ads throughout the day.

2) Use Dynamic Bids- Up & Down

This feature raises your bids in real time when your ad is more likely to lead to a sale and lowers your bids when you are less likely to convert to a sale.

3) Utilise the feature of match types

Review the match type of your keywords. Start with broad match keywords then narrow down to phrase match on the basis of performance of your broad match keywords’ performance. Further bid on exact match keywords on the basis of above two match types’ performance.

Make the best use of this holiday season to double your sales this season. Being present at the right time at right moment is vital to maximise your sales. Your customers are looking for your brand, make sure that you are visible to them.

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