All You Need To Know About Comparison Shopping Engines

Consumers are constantly looking for products and services. But before buying, they compare the same product and ultimately choose the one that best suits their needs. And when the e-commerce market is expanding, it has become easier for them to compare the products online. Comparison Shopping Engines are such websites where consumers can find multiple retailers offering the product they want to buy. They can compare the offering from each of these retailers and select the one that is most appealing. If you plan on expanding your online sales, then you should definitely try advertising on Comparison Shopping engines.

What are Comparison Shopping Engines?

Well, to put it simply, Comparison Shopping Engines are a place where retailers can advertise their products. It allows retailers to upload their product data feeds, set bids for particular products or product categories. The products in the data feed then appear in the comparison shopping engine. When the user clicks on your ad, it takes them to the retailer’s website.

Benefits of Comparison Shopping Engines

1) Show your true value

Comparison Shopping Engines have made the process of buying and selling more transparent. These engines allow retailers to compete and put their best foot forward. From a consumer’s point of view, Comparison Shopping allows them to compare products and services at the same place, with their price and reviews. From a retailer’s point of view, Comparison Shopping allows them to introduce the true value of their offers to consumers.

2) Expand your reach

With Comparison Shopping, you can reach a lot of customers who are not aware of your existence. You can reach beyond your website to reach your customers.

3) Engage with them personally

Marketplaces like Amazon sell your products they are the one who gets the chance to have direct interaction with your customers. Your customers don’t get to know you on a personal level, and instead become the loyal customers of these marketplaces. So if you want to establish your existence then you need to start advertising on Comparison Shopping Engines.

Difference between Marketplace and Comparison Shopping Engines

Well, to put it simply, they are very much similar except for one difference which sets them apart. When a customer shops through a marketplace, the transaction takes place on the marketplace’s website. Only when a user makes a purchase, the marketplace charges you. But at Comparison Shopping Engine, you get charged whenever a customer clicks on your ad and is taken to your website. Though the difference isn’t very much big but is the core reason that sets these two apart.

How to get started

First of all, you need to create an excel file or product data feed, that gives product information. Make it according to the format of the shopping engine. The next step is to upload it to the shopping engine. But you certainly need to keep some points in mind.

1) Optimize your product data feeds regularly.

2) To ensure good user experience use high-quality product images.

3) Create a budget plan and a bidding strategy. Change it according to your needs in the future.

4) To stand out, use detailed descriptions of your products and highlight any offers and discounts on products.

5) Tag your ads with tracking parameters to analyze their performance.

6) Follow your competitors to know what they are doing and change your strategies accordingly.

Comparison Shopping engines are a boon for retailers. They can put their best foot forward and can show their true value to customers as they are being constantly compared to their competitors. They can also connect with their customers at a personal level. So go now and start selling on shopping engines.

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