What is Amazon Product Attribute Targeting in 2023?

Amazon marketing is a competitive, ever-changing landscape that you as an Amazon Seller need to adapt to fast, so be ahead in the competitive edge. 

Amazon has brought in new updates and changes quite several times this year. 

Around the last quarter of 2018, Amazon made major shifts in Sponsored Ads. And, after the introduction of the Headline Search Ads, Amazon has brought in Product Targeting ads as a new update to PPC marketing. 

You must be curious as to Why Amazon is constantly making changes in relative to Sponsored Ads. The constant changes are because Amazon is on its mission to provide the best shopping experience for the shoppers. 

In this read, we are stressing some major changes that you’ll discover in this year of 2023 and in the coming times as well. 

Although it's a Beta update but tapping into the latest will help you dominate the competition and make more sales this 2023. 

What is Amazon Product Attribute Targeting?

The Amazon Product Targeting is the newest targeting mechanism that’ll allow you to build a campaign based on the attributes of your target product that you specifically want to sell more. 


In simple words, the Product Targeting Beta allows you to set your Amazon ads to appear on other people’s ASIN pages and the category search results.

It allows refined targeting options to display your product alongside other product ASINs, and brand categories with refinements in the price of the product, the brand and its reviews and ratings. 


The Twofold of this targeting includes: 

  • Manual Product Targeting (more granular level)
  • Enhanced Automatic Targeting Options


Key Strategies that you can deploy with Product Attribute Targeting


1.Get maximum attention for a Product Launch/ for Increasing Brand Awareness

Generally, it gets very challenging for brand awareness of a new product after it gets launched. The more visibility it gets the better it’ll perform in terms of Sales. 

Product Attributing will allow you to target the products with upgraded and reinvented features that are launched from the existing products. For eg. If you have launched a new variety of Sunscreen, then it’ll be beneficial for you to target the top-selling sunscreen brand here. 


Tip: But before you proceed with Product based targeting, we suggest you do thorough market research and target the best set of products only. Keeping other demographics into consideration. You target your product that way. 


2. Peep into Your Competitor's market space.

The advantage of Product Targeting is to attack your competitors and capture the real sales. Do thorough research before you target the products. 


 Before you proceed further, start with thorough research into the products you’ll target.

 Look through your Automatic campaign Search Term report to discover the ASINs you are converting the most. 

Think and decide before targeting a better product that has good ratings or a lower price than yours. On the other side target products that have bad ratings or that are highly-priced. 


3. Protect your Market Share


Please know that it’s not you who’s willing to take advantage of product targeting ads, but your competitor is also doing the same. 


So, build brand awareness by showcasing your entire product line by targeting your own product. 


Target your own product that buyers so that buyers won’t move towards your competitors’ products. 


Direct the most attention to products that have good ratings, reviews, and lower-priced, which could be tough for your competitors to know from. 


4. Understand the Manual Product Attribute Targeting


Amazon allows sellers to choose the target where they want their ads to appear by choosing the targeting option from the following. 


  1. Category Targeting
  2. Individual ASIN Targeting


  1. Category Targeting

This is the space where you can target a particular product category. The category can be chosen from the search bar and by the brand name, price range, and review ratings. 


Tip: Since this option will allow you to target the entire category of products that are relevant to your product, it can be leveraged as advantage by-products that fall into the frequently bought together and by brands trying to build brand awareness.


Consider the product categories after carefully researching and knowing your best target audience. For each category that’s selected, refine the category to target products based on brand, price range, and ratings to choose the best product to target. 


  • Individual Product Targeting

This helps to target suggested individual products that are like your products or search/upload related to specific ASINs. 



Advantage of Product Attribute Targeting

  1. Wider reach – Easily target broad audience and capture more market. Unlike keywords, you will be able to target an entire category with just one click and set rules for choosing products that fall under this criterion set. 
  2. Maximized Brand Awareness – Easy to effectively promote the brand and the entire product line by showcasing the entire product line by targeting your own products or similar brands. 



Amazon Product Attribute Targeting is a powerful feature that’ll allow you to target your ads to shoppers who are searching for products with specific attributes. 

By using Product Attribute Targeting, you can reach a more targeted audience and increase the relevance of your ads, leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales.



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