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Amazon is the new hub for shoppers. You would be missing a lot if you aren’t advertising on it.


With Amazon’s data, you can reach relevant audiences whose shopping habits match the interests and behaviors you are looking for.


Amazon Advertising Platform includes all Amazon-owned sites like IMDb and third-party publishers’ sites that allow you to advertise on them besides Amazon. That is like killing multiple birds with one stone.

Paid Marketing on Amazon


Amazon marketplace is a complete ecosystem in itself. Whether you use Amazon as a new sales channel or want to optimize your existing presence, you can sky-rocket your product performance at this marketplace with our services.


As Amazon continues to rapidly evolve, it’s important to have a partner that can provide you with strategic consulting every step of the way.


From setting up your Amazon campaigns to reporting, we do it all. That is why we follow the Advertise, Compete and Manage philosophy.


Advertising the right message to the right audience on the right platform is imperative for successful promotion of your products. We help you pick and choose the best of Amazon platforms for creating a niche space for your brand in the customers minds by being in the right place at the right time.


With shoppers becoming pickier, it is necessary to put your best foot forward. Competition has become cut throat, and so should be your strategies. We implement creative strategies unknown to other advertisers – to get you the best returns. We also perform an initial audit of your brand and products and how they appear to the Amazon consumer.


We optimize your product listings and track your brand's organic visibility so that you are always a few steps ahead of your competitor. We also monitor your Amazon product listings to ensure they are positioned to generate the most profit for your business.

Managing the campaigns can become overwhelming. But you don’t need to stress out. Full management of Sponsored Products, Managing bids, keyword harvesting, Reporting, A/B Testing Ad Creative, Off Amazon Advertising Strategy Planning, you name it, we do it!

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